Our interdisciplinary team is composed of biologists, biotechnologists, physicists and engineers and works alongside universities and strategic partners to promote the use of microalgae as an alternative high added-value natural source for the food & beverage, agricultural, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and animal feed industries.

With a view towards a circular economy model, our cultivation systems are built from modular process skids, configured to work in synergy with the existing industrial processes

in order to exploit the by-products (CO2, heat, waste water) in the cultivation process and produce high-value microalgae biomass and extracts.

High technical, operational and managerial standards combined with consolidated know-how place us amongst the main technology & services providers in this sector.

BioSyntex was awarded two grants and loans in 2020 and 2021 (Smart & Start and Brevetti+) by Invitalia S.p.A., in the amount of approximately 950,000 and 150,000 Euros, respectively.


Producing more while wasting less


to convert by-products and CO2 into natural raw materials from sustainable alternative sources


to preserve natural resources and mitigate environmental impact


to reduce our dependence on synthetic compounds and promote the use of microalgae in formulating natural products intended for end customers

Our products and services provide support to companies who intend to invest in innovative technologies for sustainable and intelligent industry (smart factories).


Our Managers

Dr. Giovanni Gnudi

Chief Executive Officer

With a background in banking as core investments analyst at BNP Paribas REIM SGR p.A. funds, he joined Biosyntex as CEO in February 2018. Over the years he has gained significant know-how in the management of biotechnology companies.

Dr. Niccolò Bassi, PhD

Technical & Customer Manager

An expert in biotechnology processes and microalgae cultivation strategies in indoor/outdoor environments, he has been involved in the development of pilot and industrial systems for the food, aquaculture and agriculture fields for over ten years. He has held the role of TCM at Biosyntex since December 2020.


Research & Development

Our interdisciplinary team is engaged in the promotion of products and services focused on sustainability and innovation.



Giulia Valvassori, PhD



With many years of experience in culturing microalgae, she works to optimize the growth protocols of various algae strains and extract active biomolecules with high levels of added value, both on a laboratory and industrial scale.



Gimena Arganaraz, PhD



With over a decade’s experience in the cultivation of photosynthetic micro-organisms, she carries out basic and applied research to identify the most suitable conditions for promoting the productivity of various strains, both on a laboratory and industrial scale.


BioSyntex in numbers

BioSyntex is a subsidiary of 2 S.r.l.

Biosyntex share capital


Environmental, Social and Governance

Biosyntex has received an “ESG Rating Grade – BB.”

The ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) rating is an index that assesses a company’s sustainability and its exposure to environmental, social, and governance risks. An integrated ESG approach considers these factors crucial for a company’s long-term financial success and its ability to generate value for the environment, society, and shareholders.

Biosyntex is committed to continuously improving its ESG rating through a structured and meticulous approach to its activities.

Projects and References

  • Supply of the experimental plant to EniMed S.p.A. – CO2 biofixation
  • Supply of plant to Dubai EXPO – Italian pavilion
  • Supply of the production plant to Valle Cà Zuliani – aquaculture
  • R&D project with Biolchim S.p.A. – formulation of agricultural biostimulants from microalgae
  • R&D project with Friulchem S.p.A. – formulation of veterinary pharmaceutical products from microalgae

  • Call with international partnerships coordinated by University of Salento – microalgae cultivation on wastewater from shrimp farms 
  • Plant management at Danieli S.p.A.
  • BioBosco Urbano ® supply to Eni S.p.A. This is an experimental technology for CO2 absorption in urban settings where it is not possible, due to lack of available space, to implement public greenery.


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