The biomass produced is used in the food & beverage, agricultural biostimulants, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal feeds and nutraceuticals industries as raw materials with a high level of added value.

BioSyntex was awarded two grants and loans in 2020 and 2021 (Smart & Start and Brevetti+) by Invitalia S.p.A., in the amount of approximately 950,000 and 150,000 Euros, respectively.


Accessible proprietary technology

We offer the market an accessible proprietary technology for third parties who intend to invest in the cultivation of microalgae to create “shared value”.

By saving natural and economic resources, it is possible to respond to the most urgent priorities and challenges for the sustainable development of the planet in line with the UN’s Agenda 2030.

High technical, operational and managerial standards combined with consolidated know-how place us amongst the main technology & services providers in the sector.


Producing morewhile wasting less

From this point of view, we provide support to companies who have begun the complex process of technological transition, based on the building of a sustainable and intelligent industry 4.0 (smart factories).

Our technology integrates perfectly with all those industries where CO2, heat and waste water are available, where we can transform these by-products into algal biomass and active compounds ingredients.


Research & Development

We have spent years in the research & development of our biotechnologies, convinced of the contribution that we can make to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Governments are increasingly promoting the adoption of microalgae as an example of a circular economy model, in which the raw material and the natural resources are not exhausted after their first use, but are transformed.

The patents and know-how we have gained are just the first step in a long path we have undertaken to support the planet’s new needs.